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Survival of the Sun Bears

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Jocelyn Stokes

Filmmaker, photographer and conservation biologist focused on honoring our global biodiversity through powerful storytelling media that empower positive solutions.


Planetary health begins with conscientious, empowered communities. Through media creation we work to conserve our most biologically diverse global ecosystems through programs that educate, empower and promote sustainable alternative livelihoods.


We can no longer afford to be ignorant of our responsibility to address the issues we face as finite natural resources diminish and natural systems fail due to unsustainable practices. Awareness leads to comprehensive solutions for conserving our ecosystems.


We create story-telling media that share the story of our planet's most threatened ecosystems and invaluable inhabitants. Media campaigns are focused on building a global awareness of wildlife threatened with extinction and solution-oriented action plans.

Outreach Program Development

Successfully plan, develop, implement, and then evaluate media communication programs that provide training and empowerment-building activities that enable the target population to embrace campaign goals.

Conservation Photojournalism

Bringing a fresh approach to creating engaging media that resonates with audiences and inspires action with the goal of making a catalyst for today’s conversation about the plight of endangered wildlife.

Event Production

From small-scale film screenings to international festivals, effectively produce impactful events that are executed with confidence. Well versed in managing the many details of a campaign to a fluid and concise message across multiple media channels.

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Survival of the Sun Bears

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Jocelyn Stokes

Jocelyn Stokes

Formally trained in wildlife science and photojournalism, Jocelyn Stokes has dedicated her storytelling craft to the production of films that promote our global stewardship of the natural world. Her films share the comprehensive realties of environmental conservation with a focus on the hopeful and visionary efforts of those leading the most sustainable models of conservation today.


As a filmmaker Stokes has contributed to National Geographic, the BBC, Mongabay.com, The United States Embassy of Malaysia, Health in Harmony, Common Seas, Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Raleigh International, Bear Trust International, Sabah Wildlife Department, Future Alam Borneo and Borneo Futures.


This I believe:
Humanity has the potential to sustain symbiosis with the natural world. Humanity is blessed with intelligence, creative minds, strong spirits and an ability to be knowledgeable, as well as conscious of our surroundings. We may be the most gifted of beasts. Yet, with our advanced ability there comes a vital responsibility to exist as a conscious body.

As technology and globalization continue to develop, we are becoming a united presence on Earth. I see this unity as an enabling union of consciousness. For the sanctity of every soul, present and future, we cannot afford anything less. We need to exist harmoniously on this planet and use our resources with the utmost care.

In the News

Jocelyn and her work have been featured in the following popular media.

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We may be the most gifted of beasts. Yet, with our advanced ability
there comes a vital responsibility to exist as a conscious body.

Jocelyn Stokes

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